Extra Chicken in Slow Cooker

At home the chicken likes the just to. So righteous that sometimes is to say “there is chicken” and twists the gesture. That bad reputation has earned the bird after years and years of wrong cooking. When I began to roast it at a moderate temperature in the oven for several hours, the thing began to change, but the poor hack continues with his on his back. I love it and I do not stop cooking it: grilled with its herbs and lemon, baked in four hours and so low that it is boned alone, the garlic, which reminds me of home.

Several months ago I tried a strange chicken in a User Chinese that they are going to eat Chinese and where it is sin to ask for rice three delicacies. From Umami Madrid, explained how they do it, as you can read on their blog. And since then I’ve been hanging around thinking about how to make this extra chicken in the slow cooker. Easy task, the truth, you only have to control the internal temperature of the pollster, which should reach 55º. If you do not like them, you’ll miss the juiciest bird meat ever cooked: the breast is cut like butter and each bite is pure gluttony that incites the next.

 Original recipe includes a brine and a broth of wings that I have escaped to go to the essential: a meat suitable for all palates and a formulation that will be base for other variants. Although that broth of wings, which must be all substance, is on my wish list and will fall for sure.

Extra Chicken in Slow CookerThis extra-fine chicken recipe in slow cooker serves the same thing to make delicious a bite of diet, cheer the face of a sick forced to eat clean, prepare salads of bird, or serve the chicken seasoned with vinaigrettes or cold sauces. Leave your polluting prejudices aside and try to do it at least once. You will repeat.



  • 10 m


  • 2 h
  • 2 h 10 m
  • Temperature: HIGH
  • Cuisine: birds, second courses
  • Servings: 4


  • 1 barnyard chicken
  • 2 liters of broth
  • Salt


Clean the chicken from remaining feathers.

Place the chicken in the pan with the breast facing down.

Fill the pot with the poultry broth so that it covers the piece, if necessary, add more broth or water.

Program 2 hours in HIGH.

When the time is right, put the chicken out of the pot and slice it. Remove whole breasts, remove skin.

Serve immediately (to make it hot) with your dressing or favorite sauce.

How to Make Extra Chicken in slow cooker


Choose a chicken that is not too large, since you must ensure that the piece is completely covered by the broth.

Uses poultry, is somewhat more expensive than white chicken, but ensures taste and tenderness. This recipe deserves it.

Re-use the broth to make soup, as a base of purees, or cool it and freeze it to have it ready in your pantry. It is advisable to give it a boil (raise) before using it to avoid the development of germs.

Once the cooking is finished do not leave the chicken inside the pot, as it would continue cooking and would not come out so tender. Be prepared to be aware, this recipe is not one of going to the movies and carefree for hours.

The skin comes out whole and cooked, if you want to take advantage of it, cut it in strips and fry it or in the oven; sure someone at home gives a good account of some chicken skin as an appetizer.

If you have a kitchen thermometer, it is advisable to use it to control the temperature, since the temperature / time of each slow cooker are relative values. Open the lid at the time of cooking and prick with the thermometer in the fleshy part of the chicken. Repeat the operation until it reaches 55º and drain it to cool.


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